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Frequently Asked Questions


What does a treatment cost?  

60 mins, $125 


What is the Cancellation Policy?


Cacellatations made (48 hours) or less before your scheduled appointment will be subjected to a (rebooking fee of $50).


How is Myofascial Release The John F. Barnes Appoach different from massage therapy?


Myofascial Release is done without the use of oil and it is not a massage. Typically, Myofasical Release work is more effective at making long lasting or permanent changes in the body.


Myofascial Release treatments are performed only on areas that are most restricted and have the most pain or dysfunction. Myofascial Release is preformed to those areas of the body that corresponds to the area of complaint or that is most in need of release.


Myofascial Release is structural integration along with subtle energy work, combined with the use of substained pressure, lasting five minutes in length or longer per technique.
What to expect for my first sessions?

Sessions with your therapist are treated as unique and individual. The treatment will take place in a safe and warm one-to-one therapy session.  Each treatment you will be assessed either through posture, flexibility or strength. Therapeutic excerises are tought along with movement therapy and self-healing techniques.  Please know that prior to your arrival you will receive with a health history form, to print, fill out and bring with you at the time of your first appointment. You may also fill out this form at the time of your arrival before your session begins, in this case you will need arrive 10 mins earily.


What do I wear?

I prefer to do a standing postural evaluation prior to working with you. The purpose for this is to see how your alignment is effected when in gratity and access your over all structure and holding patterns. It is most helpful for this evaluation to be done with you wearing loose fitting athletic clothing like shorts and or a sports bra.


How often do I need to be treated?

Results of treatments vary with each individual, but generally goals are reached with four to twelve weeks of treatment, anywhere from one to three times each week. Chronic and more severe conditions will require greater frequency or increased length in time during treatments.


Does insurance cover this work?

I can provide receipts for clients who wish to file their own claims. Most insurance companies do not cover services provided by a Massage Therapist, unless you have a specific provision in your policy for it.  Ask your insurance company if they provide an option for massage therapy and if so, is there coverage for Myofascial Release Therapy.


What if I am late to my appointment?

If you are late for a session the remaining session time will be provided for you.


What is Craniosacral Theapy?

CST involves skilled, gentle touch to balance the fluid and membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This releases the restrictions and optimizes functioning of the deeper aspects of the fascial system.



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