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For the past 25 years, I have suffered with neurological symptoms in my hands and arms due to what western medicine diagnosed as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. In the past, I have managed my symptoms and flare-ups with a reduced work schedule and physical therapy or massage therapy sessions. After receiving myofascial release treatments from Page, I have been nearly symptom-free, even with an increased in my workload!

To this day two years later, I have still not experienced a return of the deliberating neurological symptoms. I would've never thought that working on other body parts in my abdominal area would fix the problems in my hands and arms. In addition, I have become more aware of my body through the energy work Page has provided, deep release stretches and Myofascial Release Unwinding.  
Today I am more flexible and pain-free than ever. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Page for her care over the past few years of my life. I thank her for helping me to release and to let go of the pain that restricted me from living a fuller life.
Chesterton, IN
I have received Myofascial Release Therapy from Page for the past two years. I came to her two years ago after a bilateral mastectomy related to breast cancer and one year after I move back home, to care for my aging parents. Their death occurred eight weeks apart. I was literally was falling apart physically and mentally. I had terrible stomach and intestinal pain, limited range of motion in my arms because of the scarring from breast surgery, as well as back neck and shoulder pain.
Page worked wonders without the use of medication. With Page's help I avoided dreadful and expensive testing, as well as doing without prescription or nonprescription medication for my abdominal and intestinal pain. My range of motion in my arms and shoulders has improved vastly--much more then I was given to expect. My back, neck and shoulders improve significantly, also without the use of medications. I feel page has a gift and I highly recommend taking advantage of her many talents.
Lawyer, Writer, Poet
Long Beach, IN


Many years ago, I began losing the normal use of my muscles. I found I was unable to voluntarily contract them when necessary and unable to release involuntary contractions. Both my regular and fine motor skills were affected. My problems began with tingling and muscle spasms in my right hand, arm, leg and progressed to a point, over a period of years, where I lost the use of my lower body.


I was confined to a wheelchair in 2001, by 2008 had become a quadriplegic. Over the next two years, I was under the care of many doctors with no real solutions and I was given the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I also suffered a number of health issues and was medicated heavily. I was in constant pain and was treated by a physical therapist, chiropractor, neurologist, internist, as well as a spine specialist. I also tried a massage therapist. Nothing seem to alleviate my suffering. 


Years later, I was recommended to Page Rumer for help and after years of tremendous pain, I was open to receiving the new form of treatment she described as Myofascial Release. To my surprise after just a few sessions with her, I no longer have any hip pain and my spasms have dissipated! My medications have also been reduced and I hope to someday be rid of them completely. 


In addition, to being virtually pain-free I now have a straighter and more elongated spine that allows me to lay down and sit more comfortably. My mobility is greater than  I would  have ever thought possible. Thanks to Page, Im in a better position to enjoy more and live more comfortably.


Former Construction Worker
Michigan City, IN










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