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What is Myofascial Release


Myofascial Release is a safe and effective hands-on technique where pressure is applied into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions, to eliminate symptoms, pain, restoring free and easy motion in the body.  Myofascial Release techniques may not be done necessarily where one feels pain and dysfunction, since you will be viewed as a whole person with many parts.


The fascial system surrounds every component in the body through which each one of our systems is connected and inter-connected. Fascia surrounds the body much like saran wrap from head to toe as a continuum and glue that holds and attaches all of your body’s internal and external parts.


This densely woven tissue called Fascia consist of a web-like matrix of connective tissue that acts as a conductor for the body’s communication system. Fascia is thought, in recent discoveries, to be a conductor through which consciousness flows. Inflammatory responses due to one’s injuries and traumas to the mind-body complex, results in fascial restrictions, producing what is experienced as pain, anywhere from mild to intense.  


The body's responces to trauma will often exacerbates one’s alignment. This misalignment can create much disfuction, as well as pain.  Misalignment in the stucture causes the body to have to compensate, interrupting the bodies commumication systems. This compensation in turn affects our overall function and well-being sometimes to a great degree. Myofascial Release allows for new patterns to take shape in the body creating healthier sustainable function and allows our natural state of wellbeing to emerge.


Myofascial Release allows for this reorganization of the body to take place with such techniques as holding, sustained pressure, compression, stretching, and twisting and shaking of the myofascial system.  Craniosacral Therapy is also added to address the body’s fascial system which includes the cranium, sacrum, and dural tube openings. Visceral Manipulation will be used on the organs to produce visceral releases for optional organ function. Energy Work both on and off the body also may be performed to contribute to a more subtle integration of one’s physiological systems.  


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