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I started taking yoga classes from Page when I was experiencing sciatic pain along with acute right heel pain from a heel spur on my Achilles tendon. Page showed me some yoga poses that helped eliminate the sciatic pain rather quickly and over time helped with the persistent heel pain, since most stretches by the podiatrist were too painful for me to do. What I like about the way Page teaches is that her focus is on the process of getting into yoga poses, not the end result. She guides students in a detailed step-by-step style that actually makes the poses easier to perform. The repetition of the various steps helps me embody the poses, so I can confidently continue my yoga practice at home. This is possible because I now know what the poses are to feel like when they are done correctly.


Phillis Baker

Massage Therapist-

Owner of Massage therapy and Wellness Center

Michigan City, IN



met Page when I enrolled in her yoga series. After my first class, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Page is a dedicated teacher who provides educational information on the postures with attention to mindfulness in every pose.

Through her instructions and explanations I am learning proper body alignment and most importantly, breathing in the poses. Page has been attentive and aware of my body's limitations; she is attuned to my need to progress further, as well, and has taken me to the next level. Page's sensitivity, focus, and dedication in her own yoga practice come through as a natural part of her teaching method with her students. I thank Page for helping me to have a better understanding of the foundations of yoga. When I work with other instructors,

I know I will incorporate these fundamentals and use them in my personal practice.


Barb Balis

Artist-Owner of Natures Whimsy

Long Beach, IN


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